Our Testimonials

Here are some of what our clients say about our services


Leonardus Adi Suherlan

One day I heard that my sister has flat feet, apparently her yoga instructor told her. I went to Chang Liang, as it lifts up the burden of choosing in advance. Chang Liang recommended that I let her try two of the in-sole product (one black pair and one blue pair) along with a pair of sandals. I brought it back to Indonesia on my trip back to let them try out. My sister loves the in-soles! But more surprisingly, my mom tried the sandals and commented on how comfortable they were. We realized who my sister had her flat-foot from. :p I decided to get the sandals for my mom. I returned the blue in-sole sample, then paid for the two products that my family chose. The little gifts that really made their days a little less tiring. I am very grateful for Feet Care’s flat foot products!


 Maggie Chng

Chang Liang,

Thank you for recommending the in soles.  Ever since we started using them, we cannot do without them! My husband uses them for his trekking and working shoes too! My two children use them for their badminton and basketball shoes.  In fact, they use them for their school shoes too!  I have them for my trekking, Zumba and walking shoes.

Thanks for the recommendation! 

I would not have used them until when we met you that morning in Bukit Timah Nature Park whereby you were promoting them and had a pair each, for trial for trekking.  I must admit, I was a little reluctant at first because I thought it would add more discomfort and restrictions to my walk.  I was wrong!  At the end of the trekking, after I took off the in soles,  I found that I actually missed having them on and that was why we ordered two pairs immediately and requested you to fit them for my children and bought even more pairs of the in soles.  We introduced them to my family and friends because we feel these are important for their feet and legs.  We hope others will get to benefit from these too! 



Fathima Farvin

Few months back, my varicose veins on my left leg started  to act up and it was too painful to even walk. I consulted many doctors and was prescribed some tablets and advised to wear varicose socks but my condition was yet to improve and finally a general surgeon came to the conclusion because of flat feet, my veins are being aggravated. Thus was advised to use an arch to help my flat feet. But then another mishap happened to me and I had a fall and fractured my foot and ankle so I was in a cast for 2 months and so the varicose veins was totally forgotten. As my ankle was healing I was ongoing physiotherapy but my ankle started to swell not only at the injured area but also my inner side of ankle. That was when my therapist recommended me to consult a podiatrist to make an arch support as the swelling may due to my previous condition of flat foot. Due to lack of time as i had travel to dubai in three days time and unavailability to get an appointment because of the holiday period lead me a google search.

That was when I came across Feet Care online and I called up and Chang Liang attended to me.

I explained to him my situation and he listened patiently and was confident that my situation can be relieved.

He came down to house after confirming my shoe size and he let me try five to six pairs of different types and design of sandals that he brought along. He was very attentive to my concerns and explained to me each of the sandals functionality. I also liked the fact that he was not rushing me to just choose one. His  foremost concern was for me to try on the sandals and decide for myself which was the was the right sandal and he really wanted to help me relieve my problem. He also shared his problem with flat feet.

After trying a new sandal he also asked me to try back the previous one to better assess which is suited for me.

It took about almost an hour before I decided on the sandals which I felt the most comfortable in and liked.

Instantly when I walked on it my sister commented that I was walking better and the best thing was I could feel it too. Right then I knew that the sandals would work wonders for me.

Till now ,I have been using it for almost two weeks and I am glad that I have the found the solution for my problem at a cheaper cost too.

Thank you Feet Care and I am sure it will go on help many more people like me.