Carnation Corn Caps


Carnation Corn Caps


Carnation corn caps are clinically proven* to remove corns within a 10-day treatment. A combination of Salicylic Acid paste with a soft felt corn ring helps relieve pressure and pain whilst the corn is treated. 


*The largest ever clinical trial comparing corn treatments shows that Carnation Corn Caps:

  • Remove corns more quickly
  • Reduce the size of corns more quickly
  • Delay corn recurrence
  • Give greater pain relief
  • Are preferred by Podiatry researchers

*Journal of Foot and Ankle Research September 2013, 6:40 "The effectiveness of salicylic acid compared with usual scalpel debridement of corns, a randomised controlled study" comparing the application of Carnation Corn Caps and scalpel treatment on 202 patients carried between 1/4/2009 and 31/3/2012 by Podiatrists of the Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. 

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