Feet Care Exists Solely To Serve The Flat-Footed & Anyone Who Wants Comfort Footwear



How Our Service Works

Essentially, the problem with buying Flat Foot products is the difficulty in finding a solution that works specifically for you. We eliminate the risk by offering Home Trials, where we come to your home and provide you a specialized range for you to test and purchase, hassle free. We are only satisfied if you are satisfied, so there is no obligation to purchase and we have a very comprehensive trade in program if your product does not produce the solution you expect. 

What We Sell

We sell all kinds of products that will help relieve Flat Foot related pain; from In-soles, Shoes, Sandals, Slippers and more. 

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Hassle Free Fittings.

Yes We Actually Come To You!

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We also have Public Try-Out's at different locations all around Singapore at different times.
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If You Prefer You Can Contact Us Directly.

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