Exchange and Refund Policy

At FeetCare, we want to help you solve your feet problems! However, we understand that there are times the products you purchased is not helping or there may be defects in the product. Do not worry! Call us at 65420254 and let us know the issue and we will try as much as possible to help! 

In general, our products can be exchanged or refunded fully within 30 days from the purchase date. If you did not receive the product during the date of purchase, we will take the date of delivery as the starting date. We also understand that you could have thrown away the original packaging, therefore the product just needs to be returned in a saleable condition. 

Please refer below for the guidelines for the different types of products.

For Footwear

We understand that you may change your mind about the colour, the size or the model, let us know if you prefer your footwear in another look. Within 30 day, you can always change it with us! Of course, it cannot be used before so it can still benefit other customers! We will return or charge you for any price difference! 

There are always times that you could have bought something on impulse. Don't worry, if you feel that you are not going to use the footwear, we can always refund you the full amount within 30 days! Of course, it has to be brand new! 


For Insoles 

Our insoles can fit many kinds of shoes but it may not feel the same in different types of shoes. Unfortunately, for shoes with narrower front, it may not fit. However, we have the 3/4 insoles that would fit such shoes better! Therefore, if you prefer to use the insoles for a certain pair of shoes but it cannot fit, you can always change it with us within 30 days! Of course, it cannot be used before so it can still help other customers! 

If you are feeling sore and ache on your arch during the first few days, that's normal! Use it progressively to get used to it! However, if you are using the insoles for about 2 weeks and it is still aching or not helping you with your problem, let us know the issue so we can better understand and change it to something more suitable!  Of course, you have to do it within 30 days! 

Our bunion products are recommended to help prevent your bunion condition from getting worse and also to deal with bunion related pain, most commonly abrasion. We recommend that you use the products everyday for the most efficient help. 

It is important to note that you should use the products for a few hours at the beginning only and let your big toe joint get used to the products. You can increase the time once you are more used to using it. You are likely to face soreness or even pain if you immediately use it for too long. So be patient! 

Unfortunately for bunion products, we would not be able to exchange or return the products for you. It's the same as underwear right? Nobody would want to use a piece that someone has used before. EWW! So make sure you choose the correct size! If you are in doubt, we recommend you to choose a bigger size. 

However, if you have any issues, let us know and we will try to advise and help you as much as we can! 

For Bunion Products

We guarantee that our products are all new. However, in any rare cases of defects in the item, please let us know where the defect is and we will reflect back to the supplier. We recommend that you give the product a thorough check before using so if there is any defect, we can prove and change with the supplier. Of course, you have to do that within 30 days! 

We also recommend careful usage of the products, especially with items like the night splint and the bunion socks. They are plastic and also textile, therefore they may break or tear when too much force is applied. However, we understand that accidents do happen. Let us know and we can exchange it for you within 30 days of purchase. Of course, we can only do one for one swap, therefore, please do not throw the items away! 

For defects