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Neat Feat Foot and Heel Balm


The Neat Feat Heel balm is an oil-based product, this enables the balm to stay over the affected area, and the active ingredient rehydrates the skin, repairing damage with noticeable results within 5 days.

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  • Neat Feat heel balm contains urea which restores the natural balance of the affected area
  • The balm remains over the affected area – repairing the damage and rehydrating the skin
  • Recommended by podiatrists


Main ingredients

  • Urea – As natural urea depletes due to direct contact, friction and water, restoring tis natural balance helps to remoisturize the foot.This softens the skin and accelerates the healing process. In addition, urea has Keratolytic properties, hastening the breakdown and removal of dry scaly skin.
  • Lanolin – It can mix with and entrap particles of water mimicking the action of natural skin lipids. Its unique structure allows this lanolin/water emulsion to penetrate to the depth of the Stratum Granulosum, well into the epidermis below the dry outer layer (Stratum Corneum) of the skin. This depth of penetration is responsible for its well-known properties of durable, lasting hydration and reduction of skin roughness.
  • Petrolatum – It is the technical term for the branded material Vaseline. Its virtue is that it forms an occlusive (barrier) layer on the skin surface, dramatically reducing the loss of water by evaporation and protecting the skin from environmental assaults.

Suitable for people with dead skin or cracked skin on the foot.

Apply on the affected area after shower and the active ingredientswill rehydrates the skin and repairs skin damage with noticeable results within 5 days. Once the repair work is done, the moisturizer can be used daily to maintain smooth heels. Neat Feat Foot and Heel Balm is used widely by diabetics to ensure their skin stays smooth and prevents cracking and foot deterioration.

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