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Keep Cool Soothe Cooling Spray

S$ 19.00

SOS for your sticky feet! Keep Cool Soothe Cooling Foot Spray releases stress on your feet, leaving refreshing feeling and minty scent. Totally portable and affordable, cute-looking spray lightly gets on your feet mainly having Menthol and Peppermint extract. Can be sprayed on socks or stockings. If you’re concerning about foot odor, sweat a lot on feet, or got a job makes you stay standing still for long time, it’s time to spray it away!


When your feet sweat or tired from a day lomg outdoor activities or exercise, do you suffer from foot pain, sweaty feet or foot order? Try keep cool’s refreshiung foot spray!


Suggested Use

Spray the product about 20cm away from your feet 2-3 tiems as needs.
You can also use it without taking off your stockings or socks.


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