Gel Digit Valgus Guard

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Gel Digit Valgus Guard



Textile Material:100% BIOGEL

Applicable:Hallux Valgus and long-time wearing shoes

Gel Features:Soft, fitting-elastic, cushion-protective and skin-moisturizing

Product Features:

1. Alleviates the pressure and friction due to hallux valgus.

2. The design of comfortable toe loop makes it easy to be worn on proper position.

3. Fits comfortably in most footwear.

4. The gel with inorganic antibacterial ingredients can prevent bacterial growth.

5. Unique gel memory formulations fit all kinds of foot shape.

6. The materials are environment-friendly and can be recycled.

NOTE: Order is for per pair. 2 pieces. Can be use interchangeably on either foot.

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