Silicone Moisturizing Gel Sock

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Exfoliating Foot Mask.jpg

Silicone Moisturizing Gel Sock



The Silicone Moisturizing Gel Sock is a pair of silicone socks that softens the skin on the foot and provides pain relief for foot conditions. Package includes 1 pair of silicone socks (Left and Right) and comes with only 1 size.


·         Silicone material is lightweight, soft, safe, non-toxic and harmless to your feet.

·         Soft cushioning help to relieve pain caused by foot conditions such as plantar fasciitis, Metatarsalgia, corns, bunions, calluses and so on.

·         Ventilation holes provide sufficient ventilation to allow your feet to breathe.

·         Can be worn comfortably under socks.

·         Washable and reusable.

User instruction:

1.      First soak your feet in hot water for about 30 minutes.

2.      Apply moisturizer.

3.      Subsequently put on the Silicon sock.


Cleaning method:

To clean, please hand wash and hang it dry. Avoid exposing it under direct sunlight.

Note: Order is for 2 piece. Free size.

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