Everyday we come across people who have many questions about our service and products.
We selected the most common questions people ask.



General Questions



Does FeetCare have a shop?

Our showroom is located at Sunshine Plaza, 91 Bencoolen Street, #01-27, Singapore 189652. Since we are out most of the time doing fittings, if you like to visit our showroom, please give us a call in advance to make an appointment.



Why does FeetCare come to my place?

Fitting of insoles require the insoles to not only fit your feet structure, but also the existing pairs of shoes that you commonly wear. By us coming, it relieves you of the hassle to bring all your shoes out, and we can find a pair of insoles that matches your feet and your shoes.



What are FeetCare’s operating hours?

Our hotline is operates 10am - 6pm everyday. If you leave your inquiry via email, we will reply within 1 day.


Product Inquiry


What if the products I’ve bought turn out to be uncomfortable?

We strongly believe that money should not be wasted on ineffective or uncomfortable products. If for any reason, you find that the fitted product is not suitable for you, you can exchange it with another one. The price difference between the products will be charged or refunded to you accordingly. However, we have a 30 days exchange and return policy. Please read our Refund and Exchange Policy for a more detailed explanation. 



Where are Feet Care’s products from?

We source the highest quality products from everywhere in the World and then bring them in to you.

Some of them come from USA, New Zealand, Germany, France etc.



Does Feet Care have customized insoles or shoes?

We have the capability to customize shoes.

If you are interested, please give us a call so we can understand your needs better.

We do not produce customized insoles at the moment. If your foot condition is serious, we recommend going to a professional podiatrist and make a customized one. It costs on average above $300 for a pair of customized insoles.



What’s the difference between a customized insole and ready-made insole?

Customized insoles are, as the name suggests, made uniquely to the structure of your feet. Ready-made insoles are mass produced insoles made from a standard mold. If your condition is not serious, then ready-made insoles are effective for 80% of people.

Since there are many different brands of ready-made insoles in the market, with different arch heights, materials and density, our job is to help you fit the one that most suits you.



What are the price ranges of your products?

For detailed prices, please visit our product page here



What if the product I’m looking for cannot be found on the products page?

If there’s something you are looking for, but is not shown in the products page, please give us a call and let us know. We are constantly adding new products to our range, and we can bring these products in for you so you get to be the first to try them out (and give us some feedback too)!




When is the best time for Feet Care to do the fitting at my place?

We can visit your place any time according to what is most convenient for you. However, we have appointments filling up in advance, so do give us a call to arrange a time before the popular time-slots get filled up!



How long is each fitting session?

If we are fitting for just one person, it usually takes less than 30 minutes. Sometimes we do fitting for the whole family, it could take up to 1 – 1.5 hours. But there is no rush, and we will take our time to make sure each person gets dedicated attention to find the most suitable product.



What happens during a fitting session?

We will bring the products to your place according to the size of your feet that you provide and your needs. Then we will assess your foot and help you find the product most suitable for you.