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A Delighted Customer, Tony Fong

After writing a couple of posts about ourselves, we thought it's time we focus our articles on telling stories about our customers. After all, they are the ones that make FeetCare possible, and who believed in what we do. 

Today, we like to share a story of one of our customers and fan of FeetCare, Mr. Tony Fong. Tony first wrote to us in February, asking us what our consultation charges are. He couldn't believe it when we first told him it's free of charge. And that we would come and visit him at his office. So we arranged for an appointment at his office in Sims Drive, and went over to do the fitting for him and his wife on February 18. 

During the fitting, he was still puzzled why we did not charge for consultation, and questioned if it was viable to do business as such. We explained to him our rationale, then quickly moved on to helping him with his pain. He was having slight pain in his first metatarsal. We tested a few pairs and finally recommended him the Superfeet Black Premium Insoles, in which he was somewhat unsure if it would work.

After trying out for almost a month, Tony kindly wrote us a short testimonial about what he felt.


We thank you for your patience and attentive service.

With your wide assortment of insoles and your keen observations choosing suitable insoles was a happy experience.

Coupled with your assurance of no questions asked return policy it allowed us to shop with confidence and joy an experience that is rare at regular retail outlets.

If we need more insoles you would be the one we will call.

Thks. & rgds.

tony & SY

He just came back from a trip to Medan, Indonesia and whatsapped me the following message.

Last wk we're away in Medan, Ind, the insoles worked for me! That joint behind my left foot big toe didnt bother me tho it's slightly tender when squeezed, thks. Don't understand how it worked but the irritation is gone!!

At the age of 50+, he will be going for a week long trekking in Lombok, Indonesia in June with this pair of insoles. We truly wish him a blast and thank you Tony for your kind words and support!