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Customised Insoles VS Ready-made Insoles

Are you looking for a pair of insoles? Let me guess, immediately you think of customised insoles. Yes that may be the first thought for most of you out there, be it trying to relieve yourself from heel pain, or improve the problems from flat foot, etc.. Next moment, when you get introduced to ready-made insoles, straight away,you may think that this type of insoles is not as effective as the customised ones.

Today we are going to look at these two types of insoles, make a comparison and hopefully answers all the questions you may have.

What does customised insoles really mean?

The podiatrists will perform several tests to have information on the conditions of joints on the foot (especially the ankle), knees, hips and spine. They will also need to understand how you walk and run. Podiatrists will then mould a pair of insoles, making sure they serve to correct the problems detected from the comprehensive analysis. As they are moulded from a piece of material, very specific measurements are allowed. These insoles are usually costly (commonly $300 - $600 for a pair) and you would need to wait for them to be moulded.

Now let’s take a look at ready-made insoles.

There are a wide variety of such insoles in the world, each has its own unique arch support and if you are lucky, there may be other features such as cushioning, metatarsal support, heel cup and stabiliser (you wouldn’t want your ankle to feel wobbly, would you?).  

The main point is the arch support you should be getting, you would not want to be getting just ANY type of ready-made insoles as well, simply because they may be detrimental to your current situation. Do consult foot specialists to get it sorted out for you. Sometimes, small modifications may be done onto these insoles as well (yes, a certain extent of customisation is able to be done on ready-made insoles). Therefore, by any chance, if the customised insoles look and feel exactly the same as a pair of ready-made insoles available in the market, you can actually purchase that ready-made insoles as well! Another piece of good news is that these insoles are ready to be bought off the shelves and are more affordable to the general public.

In conclusion, customised insoles might not be necessary for everyone. A few questions to determine would be: Is the condition very severe and do you require very specific and precise modifications? If you, fortunately, belong to most people who only requires a general correction or pressure redistribution, you may consider the cheaper yet effective alternative: ready-made insoles.

If you are unsure which type of insoles you require, do speak to our FeetCare Specialist to find out.

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