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Superfeet Insoles Helped Jena Run Faster!

FeetCare met Jena last week after she found out from her doctor that her son had flat feet. She was told by her doctor to get some arch cookies to be placed in her son's shoes. Not surprisingly, we found out that she had flat feet too! That's most probably where her son got it from :)

Isn't this beautiful? Can you imagine your feet on it?

Isn't this beautiful? Can you imagine your feet on it?


After looking at her feet and the shoes she wears, we recommended her the Superfeet Blue Premium Insoles, an all-purpose multi-functional insoles that can be used in a wide variety of shoes. She was so eager to try it out at her daughter's sports day the following day. This was what she told us after the event..

"Dear Chang Liang

I am very satisfied and happy with your products and thank you for your personalized service.

Would like to share my good experience with you. I ran with the arch support insole placed in my sports shoes at my daughter's school sports day last Friday. Amazingly, my legs felt so light that I could run fast with no pain at all. I wore from 6.30am till 6.30pm and there was not even a slight pain at my flat feet.

I will definitely contact you again when I need to get more of such insoles or slippers."

We are so happy to hear testimonials like that, even though we already know how awesome the Superfeet insoles are. A shoutout from our team here to thank Jena for this wonderful feedback!

Finally, remember don't ignore any feet pain, it's too late when it becomes unbearable.