What is a Bunion?

A bunion is a bump that appears beside the big toe. It forms because the big toe is moving towards the second toe.

So how does a bunion develop?

Bunion 1.1.png

Looking at the x-ray of your foot, the big toe comprises of 3 different bones. Bunions develop at the joint of the 2nd and 3rd bones.

2nd and 3rd bone are moving away from each other

2nd and 3rd bone are moving away from each other

When the 2nd bone and the 3rd bone move away from each other, the joint protrudes out and appears to form a bump. The more they move away from one another, the bigger the bunion.

Most people think that something is actually growing inside the foot as they see the bunions get bigger, but that is not true. The bunion gets bigger because of the separation of the 2nd and 3rd bone of the big toe.

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