Standing Up Series Part 1

Top 7 Jobs in Singapore Where Workers Stand the Most

Unfortunately, not all work is made equal. Some jobs require workers to be on their feet, either standing or walking, for prolonged periods of time. These jobs are extremely demanding physically and very often, have a long-lasting impact on one’s health and well-being. We have taken the liberty here to rank the top 7 jobs based on how long workers have to be on their feet.

There may be other jobs out there or the hours listed may not be completely accurate, please leave your feedback and let us know.

#7 Nurse – 8 hours

A typical shift for a nurse usually runs for 8 hours, but this can easily escalate to 10 or 12 hours if they have to be in surgery.



#6 Teacher – 9 hours

Besides standing in class, teachers often have to climb a lot of stairs as most schools in Singapore still don’t have elevators. Coupled with all the notes, scripts, books that they have to carry, it can be pretty challenging.

#5 Hotel Front Desk – 9 hours

Long hours combined with formal shoes is a pretty deadly combination. Front desk staff have to stand for prolonged periods, while wearing tight-fitting smart looking shoes and maintaining a smile all the time, and occasionally dealing with difficult customers. Kudos to all of you.


#4 Full-time Cashier – 10 hours

A job mostly taken up by aunties, standing for long periods can be very challenging for their weakened knees. At least some places are starting to provide sitting options but it can still be very difficult during peak periods.

#3 Construction Worker – 11 hours

Construction workers have to stand for the entire day while having their feet cramped inside cheap and stiff safety boots. The enormous amount of walking, climbing and carrying heavy equipment makes this job hard to endure unless you are a fit young man.

#2 Waitress – 11 hours

At least most restaurants give wait staff the option to wear sneakers now. In the past, wait staff have to wear dress shoes while navigating through wet and slippery conditions. The amount they walk throughout their shift can go easily up to 23,000 steps.


#1 Hawker – 16 hours

Hawkers start their day at 4 – 5 am and usually end their day at 9 pm. It’s a very physically demanding job, that even when paid well, is not appealing to locals. They work very hard, in a confined and hot environment. Not for the faint-hearted.


In our next article, we will discuss how you can start taking care of your feet by understanding your own feet type.

Do you know that standing for long periods may DOUBLE one’s risk of developing heart disease?

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