Customizing a Pair of Insoles

Have you found the right pair of insoles for your footwear? If you are reading this post, then perhaps something is wrong with your current footwear or insoles. That being said, it does not mean that you need to have a customized insole, perhaps all you need is just another pair of ready-made insoles that has a higher or lower arch height.

This article will discuss more about customized insoles, starting with who needs customized insoles, what are the different kinds of customized insoles, and ending off with how to choose the right pair of customized insoles. By the end of this post, you should know if you need a pair of customized insoles or ready-made insoles.

Why choose customized insoles

The general consensus is that shoes and insoles have to be personalized to feel comfortable standing and walking with it. However, that is not entirely correct. For most people, ready-made insoles will do the job adequately but that is not for everyone. Customized insoles were originally designed for people who has different feet (e.g. arch type, feet length, and abnormal pronation), extremely high arch, or with feet deformity. So, if you fall under one of these categories then you should consider a pair of customized insoles. 

Making a pair of customized insoles

In the past, measurements for customized insoles were performed by podiatrist. During these measurements, the podiatrist will use high precision cameras to capture an image of the feet from several planes. Using these images, the manufacturers will piece them together to form a 3D image which will be used to model the insoles.

However, today there are several technologies available that can perform an accurate measurement without the presence of a podiatrist. Some of these technologies require you to stand on a platform where they mold the contours of your sole and replicate the mold onto a moldable insole, or use a mobile application to capture the images of your feet and through data mapping, they will construct a model similar to your feet which will then be used to shape the insole. 

Choosing a pair of customized insoles

It is also important to know which customized insoles are suitable for you. The customized insoles available in Singapore are mainly manufactured in various countries (e.g. Australia, United States of America and Europe), made through different methods (e.g. 3D printing and molding), and made with different materials (e.g. Leather, plastic, acrylic, polypropylene, etc.) and size (3/4 length or full length). As such, their retail prices range from $250 to $1000. That being said, different customized insoles serve different purposes, for example insoles that are made of leather and hard plastic are not ideal for running or exercising. They are ideal for walking and standing, and are made for durability. On the other hand, there are insoles that are made of soft cushion material to absorb impact hence making it ideal for exercising with. 


If you are still unsure whether you need a pair of customized insoles, consult a foot specialist or licensed practitioners. These consultations will include some form of assessment which will be able to inform you if you need a pair of customized insoles.


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