The little bump at the joint besides our toes!

Wonder what that bump is? Or if anything weird is going on with our feet? 

Fret not and let me assure you that there is nothing growing abnormally! However, you might want to observe for some signs and symptoms!

The bump is called a bunion which is basically, a bony bump that is formed at the joint beside our big toe. The bump is formed due to the bone at the joint just below the big toe, that has moved out of place.

There are many possible causes but one of the cause that you can probably relate to is wearing shoes that are too tight and narrow at the top cap and vamp of the shoes (e.g Pointy-toe shoes and high heels). It might be a hereditary issue of having weak joint.  The abnormal force at the joint below our big toes for a prolonged period of time can cause a condition called arthritis.

One of the signs is a direct pain at the bunion area occurring persistently or irregularly. The bunion might become red, warm or even swell due to inflammation. Thickened skin or calluses may be observed as well. In more serve cases, the second toe are affected and was pushed out of place too. 

The severity of a bunion can be broken down into 4 categories. Mild, Moderate, Large and Severe. They are not the same and will become worse if left untreated. 
However, surgery is not necessary. There are some feet care products that are able to prevent further complications of this bunion situation!  One recommendation is to get a pair of good footwear that will ease the pain and discomfort. 

Now you know more about bunions, do look out for the signs and symptoms, choose the right shoes and seek help early!