Great sportsmanship displayed in Rio 2016

If you have been following the Rio Olympics 2016, the following image would have been familiar to you. 

If you have not been following, basically this is what happened.

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Basically, Abbey D' Agostino (blue kit) accidentally tripped Nikki Hamblin (black kit) from the back, causing both of them to fall on the ground. Abbey D' Agostino picked herself up first and then encouraged Nikki Hamblin to carry on with the race. However, after a few strides, D' Agostino felt pain in her knee and could not continue on. She told Nikki Hamblin to leave her behind and carry on. Despite the pain, she continued on and finished the race. This showcase of sportsmanship has been widely praised by the world. 

Even though both of them finished the bottom 2 out of the whole race, the committee decided to qualify them for the finals by special merit. Unfortunately, Abbey D' Agostino will not be able to participate in the finals due to injuries suffered during the fall. The MRI scan showed that she suffered a tear in the right ACL and meniscus and also strained MCL. 



You might be thinking what does ACL and MCL stands for. You seem to hear it once in a while on sporting news but not very sure what is it. The initial 'CL' stands for 'cruciate ligaments' and also for 'collateral ligament'. That's really confusing, why is there two different words for the same initials?

They have two different words because they are two different ligaments altogether. Same same but different. 

'Cruciate ligaments' are found inside your knee joints. The Anterior Cruciate Ligament [ACL] and the Posterior Cruciate Ligament [PCL] cross each other to form an 'X'. 'Anterior' refers to the front while 'posterior' refers to the back as you can see in the picture above. The Cruciate Ligaments control the back and forth movement of your knee. 

'Collateral ligaments' are found on the side of your knee joints. They are the Medial Collateral ligament [MCL] and the Lateral Collateral Ligament [LCL]. The 'Medial' refers to the inside of the knee while the 'Lateral' refers to the outside of your knee. The Collateral ligaments control the sideway movement of your knee. 

Together, your knee ligaments control the movement of your knees, hold your bones together and keep your knees stable. 



There are a few reasons why the ligaments in your knee will get torn or strained. Changing direction rapidly, stopping suddenly, slowing down while running, landing from a jump incorrectly, direct contact and collision. From Abbey D'Agostino case, it is likely that she torn it when she fell awkwardly when avoiding a clash with Nikki Hamblin. The way she twist her knee when she land, it tore her ACL and also strained her MCL. 


Let's hope for Abbey D'Agostino to recover well and fully. The sportsmanship shown by her and Nikki Hamblin has touched many hearts worldwide. We at Feetcare wish the best recovery for Abbey D'Agostino and all the best to Nikki Hamblin in the finals!