How are shoes made?

Have you ever looked at your shoes and wonder how they were born? Wonder how it looks so nice, how it is designed, why it usually opens up like a crocodile in the front? This post is going to give you a little insight on how your beautiful shoes are made!


Firstly, I would recommend you to read our blog post on the different parts of the shoe.

Secondly, let me introduce you to 'shoe last', one of the most essential item in shoemaking. This is a shoe last below.



A shoe last is a mechanical form that has a shape of a human foot. The purpose of it is to create the structure and allow shoemakers to construct the shoe on it. Imagine the shoe last being your feet and the shoemaker constructing the shoe from scratch on your feet. The shoe last comes in various styles and sizes, depending on the exact shoe they are designing for. 

Now that you know the basic terminologies of a shoe and what it is being constructed on. Let me show you an interesting video on how a pair of nice looking Adidas running shoes is made. Video credited:


The video above shows how a pair of running shoe is made. Basically, most of the shoes follow the same construction method. It may only vary a little according to the design of the shoe. Below is an example of how a female fancy heels are made! 

Video credited:


Hope it has been interesting for you! Now you know how these fanciful stuff on your feet came about!