What Are The Different Types Of Pain And What Are They Related To?

Have you thought about how to describe the pain that you are going through? And why do we feel different kinds of pain? Does a certain pain have a certain cause? Let us find out…

1. Dull, Aching Pain

Dull and Aching pain normally signifies an overuse injury. An overuse injury is typically a result of training abuse or too intense training schedules that do not cater enough recovery and rest time. Having dull and aching pain would require rest and recovery. 

2.   Throbbing Pain

Throbbing pain usually involves the blood vessels, either injury to the blood vessels or the compression of blood vessels. This can often happen in compartment syndrome as a result of a collision. In the event of a muscle injury it is important to take note of throbbing pain as it would signify bleeding and it might hamper the recovery of the muscles.

3. Burning Pain That Radiates

Usually burning pain reflect injury to the nerves, it is also called altered sensation as it includes sensation of ants crawling, electric currents running through and also tingling feeling. It is important to go for further checks and reviews if you do experience this form of pain for a prolonged period of time. 

4. Pain On Movement

Pain felt during movement is usually a ligament or muscle injury. This is so as only when we move do we affect the injured area. Depending on the type of injury, different types of pain can be felt during movement

5. Pain On Resisted Movement

Pain on resisted movement would mean a tendon injury. Tendons are a part of the muscles that connects the muscles to the bones. They are very strong components of our muscular system and only a degenerated tendon would be injured.

6. Pain That Only Lasts A Short While

Pain that only lasts for a short while is usually due to a mechanical problem. This could be due to tissues rubbing against one another usually attributed to poor biomechanics.

After reading all the different types of pain, do you know what pain you are feeling? It is always important to know the warning signs and symptoms that your body is telling you. It is good to know your body.