Water Retention And Swollen Feet : Causes And Remedies

Have you had moments when you walk for one day and reach home to realise that your feet is swollen? Or have you woke up to swollen feet before? Did you get a shock and panicked? No worries! Let us explain to you what are some of the causes and remedies.  Water retention or fluid build up is linked to a condition called Edema. Edema can occur in different places of the body, not exclusively reserved for the feet.

One reasons why our feet may appear swollen would be due to the build up of fluids in our feet. So why does fluids build up? Few of the reasons are as such, overweight, veins in lower limbs having altered ability in pumping blood back to the heart, pregnancy or even sitting and standing for long periods of time.

Are these signs a cause for worry?  They are not a cause for worry unless you do have pre existing conditions. It is always safe to check with you healthcare provider on whether they may be a cause for worry. Do note that Edema is one of the symptoms of diseases such as kidney, lung and liver disease, heart failure,diabetes and also arthritis. It is important to also categorised them as warning signs for these diseases.

So what can we do to reduce water retention and the swelling induced by it? One way is to eat less salt, salt tends to bind to water molecules. This said, having a diet high in salt content would mean that more water will be retained in the body. 

Another way that is highly debatable would be to increase water intake. This helps as drinking more water will induce urination that would remove water from the body.

Moving around would also help as it improves blood circulation. If Edema involves veins where their valves are working poorly, moving around and being more active will help move blood back to the heart.


After reading so much, we now know how to deal with Edema or fluid retention induced swelling.