4 Negative Effects of Sitting At Your Desk The Whole Day And What You Can Do About It

Have you been sitting down for long periods of time during work? Do you know the negative effects that come with it? Read more to find out…

1. Weight Gain

It does not take knowledge of Astro Physics to know that that sitting down for long periods of time would lead to increased weight gain. This increase in weight gain is probably due to the lack of activity or increased periods of inactivity. This long period of inactivity slows down metabolism and thus causes us to gain weight much easier. 

2. Back and Neck Aches

It is not uncommon for office workers to complain of neck and backaches after a long day of work. This is the result of holding a fixed posture for a prolonged period of time. This is usually the case when working in front of a computer. Instead of staring and typing on your computer, remember to take small breaks in between work. It will alow your muscles to relax instead of being all tensed up.


3. Feeling Lethargic

Have you ever felt your eyelids being so heavy when staring at a computer? If your answer is yes, have you asked yourself why are you feeling tired?

This is probably due to the lack of blood flow to the brain. Sitting for long periods of time would mean that you are sitting in the same position, muscles are not used and thus there would be a smaller amount of oxygen reaching the brain via the blood vessels. This tends to lead to individuals feeling more lethargic as compared to when they are moving about.

4. Muscle Weakness

The lack of usage of muscles in everyday life would lead to muscle weakness. This is usually caused by the degeneration of the muscle tissues as they are not being loaded regularly. This would placed individuals in compromising situations where they are more prone to injuries.

There are several ways in which you and your company can do to improve your working environment for you and your colleagues.

The latest trend would be under desk treadmills where individuals would be walking while they are working on their computers. This increases significantly the physical movement during working hours. This treadmills do not come cheap but if your company values the health of their employees, this would be a good investment.


However, if there is no budget for under desk treadmills, standing tables and also the 'IN' thing for now for individuals looking to reduce time on their bums, Standing is much better than sitting. After all, it takes just a small initiative to change the working culture in the company. For example, meetings can be held in discussion style around a standing table instead of a conference room where everyone sits down.