How To Choose The Right Type Of Shoes?

Step 1 : Understand the type of feet you have

Understanding the type of feet you have is key to choosing the right shoes. You must be asking, what do I not know about my own feet. 

Three key items to know and understand would be:

1) Feet size in both US and UK

It is important to understand your sizes in both dimensions as it will help determine which shoes to choose if you are buying them online directly from a retailer.

2) Width of Feet and Type of Arch

Understanding and recognising that you have broader or wider feet would help you to choose shoes that are not too narrow in cutting and suitable for you. Knowing the type of arch height you have also helps, mainly when choosing running shoes and also insoles for shoes

3) Cut of Shoes

Some shoes and brands tend to have narrow cuts, it is important to know what type of cutting suits you and stick to it. Wearing shoes that are too tight or loose fitting may lead to additional feet problems.

Step 2 : Choosing the right type of shoes for the right activity

It helps to prevent injury if you are wearing the right type of shoes for any given activity. It provides the right amount of support in the right areas. For example, activities that require a lot of changing in direction such as volleyball or basketball tend to have footwear that provides additional support at the ankle, this is so as ankle is more susceptible to sprains during such activties.

Moreover, wearing the wrong type of shoes for the wrong activity increases the risk of injury. This is so as the footwear might aggravate the situation by providing support at the wrong areas. Such as wearing turf shoes to play street soccer, the additional grip on the sole makes it easier to twist an ankle or knee.

Step 3 : Comfort is the most important

When choosing or purchasing footwear, comfort should always be the priority. Many people make the mistake of sacrificing for fashion, they purchase shoes that look good on the outside but on the inside it is not the least bit comfortable. This tends to lead to many problems in the long term.

 Step 4 : Ensuring that shoes are in good condition

Shoes that been worn for a long period of time with worn out soles and holes are not a good pair to stick with. Ensure that shoes are worn regularly instead of being worn from time to time. This is so as the material of the shoes may have lost it original quality and provide less that satisfactory support to your feet.

These are the four steps to keep in mind when choosing shoes. Always remember these steps and there is nothing much to worry about when participating in all kinds if activities.