Different Running Surfaces, The Good and the Bad

What are the different running surfaces and what are the Pros and Cons of running on them? Let us uncover it for you.

1. Track

Track seems to be the most ideal running surface, with it having more cushion and also better traction, one can put his/her mind at ease when running on track. Running on track however tends to be more boring as we are always running in rounds, always at the same area and sometimes it might serve to demoralise individuals who are running multiple rounds. Tracks are also harder to find as compared to concrete surfaces as one has to specifically go to stadiums around the neighbourhood.

2. Road/ Concrete

This is the training surface that most Singaporeans have access to daily. It is also one of the most used surfaces when running in Singapore, even schools conduct their physical education classes on concrete parade squares. However being the most convenient and accessible, it is also the most damaging to our lower limbs . This is so as running on concrete causes more impact to be transferred to the legs. This impact over time causes the lower limbs to have to withstand the accumulated stress built over a period of time. This increases the risk of injuries to an individuals.


3. Trail

Running on trail provides more relaxation of being in nature, enjoying the natural breeze and also the sounds of birds chirping. This sounds fun for individuals looking for a relaxing recovery run or just a leisure jog. A trail run often includes running over uneven surfaces and rocky surfaces. This increases the risk of injuries such as ankle sprains. One must be careful when going on trail runs.


4. Grass

Once in awhile we do see individuals, running barefooted in grass. So how does running barefooted on grass help? Grass is seen as the natural surface that our feet is accustomed towards, running on grass would mean that it would cause the least harm to our legs. The running gait would be natural and thus allow us to enjoy our run without the any worries. However, in Singapore with the space constraint, many fields are multi-purpose. People walk their dogs, kids play football and teenagers play ultimate. There might be foreign bodies such as nails and sharp objects that are sometimes left lying in grass. One must be extra cautious when running on grass

This is a wrap up on the different surfaces that people run on, so which one is your favourite and why?