Are You Wearing The Right Shoes For The Right Activities? And What Are Some Of The Myths Of Wearing Shoes

1. Running

For activities such as running that involves repetitive impact in the lower limbs, the right pair of shoes would make a huge difference. The repetitive loading of the lower limbs would mean that a pair of shoes with a fair amount of support at the ankles and heel plays an important role. With the changing of the environment around us, soft and green grass being replaced by tracks and hard concrete ground, signifies a greater need to choose the right pair of shoes. With minimalist shoes taking the market by storm in recent years, one must be extra careful when intending to get them. Some good brands will include ASICS and also Brooks.

ASICS Running Shoes 

ASICS Running Shoes 

2. Weightlifting/ Cross Fit

Weightlifting and Cross-fit involves a larger amount of force acting on the feet at any given point in time. The shoes should have a sturdier base that provides better stability of the feet, reducing the chances of injuries. Shoes like cross trainers are a good choice for this form of activity. Reebok would be a good brand to consider.

Reebok CrossFit Shoes 

Reebok CrossFit Shoes 

3. Walking

Walking involves more of a heel strike as compared to jogging and running. A shoe with better cushioning and support at the heel is important, this helps to alleviate the stress and pressures placed on the feet. 

New Balance Walking Shoes 

New Balance Walking Shoes 

Myths Of Wearing Shoes

1. Does a shoe with more cushioning always be better for all activities? 

This is not true as there are proprioceptors in our feet and these proprioceptors help us get a sense of our position of our feet. It helps to prevent injuries such as ankle sprains. However with more cushioning, the proprioceptors are not able to be function properly as there is too        much cushioning to allow the proprioceptors to provide accurate feedback.


2. Does biting the heel of the shoe help to prevent blisters?

Shoe bites are inflammation of the skin that causes blisters, it often happens at the Achilles tendon region of the feet. There is a folklore that says that biting the shoe will prevent shoe bites from happening. But what    really is the cause? Often shoe bites happen due to wearing ill fitting shoes or shoes that are new. Why do new shoes causes shoe bites? Is it cause they haven’t been tamed? NO! New shoes tend to be more rigid as it hasn’t been worn. This rigidity causes the material of the shoes to rub against the feet causing shoe bites.


3. Do we have to break into shoes? It will take a period of time before shoes are seasoned and I feel comfortable in them.

This is not true, shoes should feel comfortable from the first moment we wear them. It should not take some breaking into, your feet should feel comfortable wearing the shoes and it should not cause any pain or discomfort.