Different Types of Men's Formal Shoes, Can You Identify Them?

Have you ever wondered why there are so many different kinds of formal shoes for men and why do you have so funny names such as Derby, Oxford and even Chelsea? (Isn’t Chelsea a football club????) Let us identify the different shoes for you.

The Different Components of a Shoe 

The Different Components of a Shoe 

1. Derby ( Also known as Gibson)

Two unique characteristics of the Derby shoes would be the Quartets and the eyelets of the shoe laces being sewn on top of the Vamp. From these two characteristics, we can identify any Derby/ Gibson Shoes.

2. Oxford

When Oxford comes to mind, people will be thinking University of Oxford and Oxford shirts. Who would have thought there was also Oxford shoes.  One thing that is different with Oxford shoes would be the sewing of the eyelets. They are attached at the bottom of the vamp in contrast with the Derby shoe. 

3. Loafers

Loafers are by far the easiest to identify due the lack of laces on this type of shoes. It is also called the slip on for obvious reasons. One wears the shoe by slipping it on and taking it off by slipping it off.

4. Chelsea

A football club?? No No, Chelsea is type of boots that is normally ankle high with no lace. It however has elastic sides that allow for easy wearing and taking off.  Chelsea boots tend to be pointed at the front and it sometimes might have strap at the back that can be pulled on when wearing.

5. Brogue

You must be thinking what shoe has such a name, Brogue shoes have decorative patterns on the edges when the different pieces used to make the shoes. As mentioned, it uses multiple pieces of leather sewn together.


6. Monk Strap

As the name suggests, this type of shoes has straps. The straps is normally attached at the forefoot. The straps add another dimension in terms of its design.


As we went through the different type of shoes, it is important to know that shoes can be a combination of one or more styles. They should not be identified purely based on one characteristics that they possess.