Simple 30 seconds stretches for feet pain

So is stretching important? Stretching plays an integral role in the prevention and rehabilitation of injuries. Stretching helps to increase blood circulation, leading to increased energy levels. It also helps to enhance muscle coordination and reduces muscle tension. So what stretches can we do for common problems such as plantar fasciitis, ITB syndrome and shin splints? These injuries may come as a nuisance for many, so lets go through what can give you the ooohh-ahhh feeling of relief. 

1. Plantar Fasciitis

 a. Calf Stretches help to reduce muscle tension in the lower leg that may improve the condition.        There are many ways as to which the calf stretches can be carried out, It can be carried out          sitting down or with additional equipment such as the resistance band.   

Points to note:

    1. Both feet has to be flat on ground

    2. Calf area has to be feeling the stretch if not the exercises is done wrongly




2. ITB Syndrome

The ITB is a fibrous band that runs along the side of the thigh. The tightness of the ITB is one of the causes of the syndrome. The cross leg stretches is one of the main stretches that can be done. It similarly can be done using a resistance band. 

3. Shin Splints

Shin splints is the inflammation of the outer layer of the muscle on the shin bone. Many runners view shin splints as a spoiler as it disables them from running. These are a few stretching to avoid shin splints. Wall shin raises is one of them, flexing against resistance is also one good exercise.


One has to note that stretching exercises are not confined to before exercising, it can be done whenever free. These stretching exercises also help to strengthen the areas targetted. They are convenient to do and fast to complete, let’s take out 30s of our break just to take a step towards being injury free from these common injuries.