6 Most Damaging Activities that you have been doing to your feet

In daily activities like walking, running and even driving we use our feet. It is an irreplaceable component of our lives, but do we really know what we are doing to our feet. It goes a long way to know how to take care of our feet. Let me take you through the 6 most damaging activties that we have been doing to our feet unknowingly. 

1. Wearing high heels and tight fitting shoes

Wearing high heels and tight fitting shoes have been regarded as part of the dress code for many jobs. Many issues stem from wearing improper footwear for long periods of time. High heels alter the natural biomechanics of the feet when walking. More force and pressure is being concentrated on the forefoot and the ball of the feet. This leads to a number of problems such as bunions, corns, calluses and frequent discomfort such as aches,tiredness and soreness of the feet. As for tight fitting shoes, they might cause discomfort as the feet is being squeezed in a tight space. This might lead to bunions and the lining of the shoe could also frequently irritate the skin of feet causing blisters.

2. Changing gait pattern when running

What the most energy efficient way of running? Does having the most energy efficient gait when running help? So what is the best gait when running? The gait pattern has to be natural and comfortable for the individual during the whole process of running. In the current climate of the growing fitness trend, many would want to run faster and further. The running gait is one aspect of running that many fitness enthusiasts would tweak and change to improve their running. So what is wrong? Changing the gait pattern would at times place the lower limb under more stress as it may not be built to function in that way. Prolonged changes would increase the risk of injuries.

3. Improper landing during high impact activities and jumps 

This would be one aspect that many individuals neglect, often it leads to acute injuries such as ankle sprains. Practising and ensuring proper landing techniques are crucial especially for individuals that play sports that require a fair amount of jumping and landing. This helps to         dissipate the force evenly and prevent the overloading of one specific area.

4. Walking barefooted in common bathrooms

Walking barefooted increases the chances of contracting fungal infections and also warts. For fungal infection, it is easier to contract as others having fungal infection may also be walking barefooted and thus the bathroom floor is liken to a breeding ground as it is often warm and moist, the best environment for the fungus to thrive. Similarly, by walking barefooted it allows the Human Papillomavirus (HPV) to enter the feet through small cuts in the skins, this would then lead to warts

5. Wearing covered shoes for the whole day

You must be wondering what is wrong with wearing shoes for one whole day. Wearing shoes for the whole day would mean that your feet would be covered in sweat as the feet is unable to breathe with much of the sweat is soaked up in the socks. This effectively would mean that the feet is constantly warm and also moist. This would be a ideal breeding ground for fungus. Often this could lead to athlete’s foot, which could presented with itch and redness. It would be good to use foot powder before wearing shoes or you could also remove your shoes once in a while.

6. Flips flops for long periods of time

Wearing flips flops with a flat footbed for long periods of time would not be ideal as there is a lack of support for the arch. This would mean that the biomechanics of the feet would have been altered as more force or pressure would be placed on the forefoot or the ball of the foot. However, flips flops with arch support would be recommended especially for individuals with flat feet or excessive over-pronation of the feet.