It is not your shoes' fault, it is YOUR fault.

Many has given feedback on their troubles with regards to their running shoes during the run. 2 very common issues are heels slipping out of the shoes and movement of the tongue. 

Firstly, let's talk more about heels slipping out of your running shoes. During the run, you may have the feeling that your running shoes are too shallow for your feet, or the insecure feeling that your feet is coming out of the shoes. Before changing to another alternative, perhaps you want to give it another try, but now, change the way your lace your shoes. Take a few minutes to learn how to tie your shoelaces so that it give a better grip on your ankle! 

Next, I am sure many of you have the problem of the tongue of the shoes moving to the side of the shoes. Then all you could do is only to shift it back to the center and tightening your laces, only to realise it does not work! Now, all you need to do is a little trick on how to tie your lace at the little strap on the tongue of your shoes (shown below)! Also, following is a video on how to lace, especially at the tongue strap. 

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Skip it to 1:20 if you are rushing for time! ;)

Try them out now! Let us know if they worked for you!