Why this article will fail in helping you find the right shoe

Everyone’s feet are different. Another way of expressing that saying is: everyone’s feet are a different combination of permutations of foot characteristics.

 Foot Dilemmas

At Feet Care, our fitters have been put in the spot by some tricky situations and forced to do some quick thinking.

Case#1 Heel pain and sweaty feet

An elderly client with a fat pad at the heel that was thinning who would get a deep ache on the outside of the heel when walking on hard surfaces. The ordinary solution would be to offer more cushioning in terms of thicker socks and an insole. However, the person also had hyperhidrosis, meaning sweaty feet, and thick socks would have been uncomfortable in Singapore’s weather. What we did was provide thin and moisture-wicking socks, and a heel cushion to alleviate impact from walking.

 Case#2 Running Shoes and Casual Sneakers

Another client was looking for arch support for both his running shoes and casual sneakers. The easy way out would have been to provide 1 insole to be used interchangeably for both pairs of shoes. However arch support comes from a combination of both the shoe’s outersole and insole. The running shoe’s outsole was made of grey foam which already gave considerable stability, and a softer Spenco insole was sufficient and suitable for exercise purposes. More support was needed for the casual shoe, and the more rigid SOLE insole was fitted there.

Your foot’s unique makeup means that it’s hard prescribing the right shoe solution without considering all its features.

Feet Don’t Lie

Beyond all our expert troubleshooting, don’t forget the main stakeholder in this shoe-finding endeavor- your own feet! We should avoid relying only on shoe size and reading about product features online to order shoes. Go down to the shop to try on your shoe and you might make a serendipitous find just suited for you - if that's too troublesome, then you might find it simpler to just give us a call.

We’ve been busy getting in different types of insoles’, some softer, some with the arch spread out over a wider area, some for ladies’ heels , some made of carbon-fibre, some pricier… Just make an appointment to get a chance to try on all the insoles.

This article would get you anywhere far. Instead, appreciate the uniqueness of your feet, and their capabilities as a measuring instrument for shoe fit!