FeetCare's Day Out at Nanyang Polytechnic


We feel so grateful to be invited to Nanyang Polytechnic today to speak about the topic that we are so passionate about: Foot Care!

Well, to be honest, we were initially expecting only 20-30 people to come. I mean, no one really is interested in foot care right? But we were really caught by surprise this time. 166 staff signed up for the talk that was held during their lunch time, and about 120 people showed up at the event! The Lecture Theatre was full!

We were glad to have Podiatrist Dr Greig Price from PhysioActive to join us at the event too. He shared some really insightful ideas regarding how the foot functions and why we get foot pain. After the event, he also personally taught us some methods he used to analyze a person's foot. Great tips we can now share with our customers! 

There were 4 of us from FeetCare - Raj, Jeremy, Ying Tong and myself. After the talk, people literally came pouring at us eager to try out the products. The padded ladies' socks were selling so quickly we ran out of sizes soon after. People bought insoles and slippers too. And they set up appointments for us to go to their place to serve the entire family. Dr Greig was also on site to individually consult people who had specific issues on their foot.

All in all, a very fruitful and meaningful event, and we thank Nanyang Polytechnic for giving us this opportunity to share about FeetCare! 

Here are some photos we took, enjoy!