Shopping and Foot Care Tips for Chinese New Year


Hey guys, Chinese New Year is just round the corner again. We will officially wish you in about 1 week time when it comes. But before that, I'm sure all of you are busy doing your shopping for new clothes and shoes. We thought we could share some tips with you when you are buying your shoes and ways you can take care of your feet during CNY itself!

Shopping Tip #1 - Buy Your Shoes in the Day

It's an established fact that your feet expands in the day and contracts at night. So when trying out shoes, remember to do so in the day, and give your toes some allowance. 

Shopping Tip #2 - Check for Colour Migration

If you are intending to purchase real leather shoes, it's a good idea to check for color migration. You can do so easily with a piece of damp handkerchief and gently wipe the inner lining of the shoe (without the salesgirl knowing, of course!) If your handkerchief is stained, then avoid buying that pair because you don't want your socks to be stained when you take them off at your relatives' place!

Foot Care Tip #1 - Air Your Shoes

I know your new shoes are going to cost you quite a bit so you would be cautious in leaving them in the open. But after a long day of wear, it's a good idea to leave them to air so that the moisture inside can dry off and reduce the chance of bacteria multiplying in it. 

Foot Care Tip #2 - Wear Comfort Insoles

Most probably, you will be walking from place to place. Getting up and down stairs. If you are going to be in heels, the pain might just hit you in the middle of the day. Whatever kind of footwear you are wearing, consider having comfort insoles inside. The insoles that come with normal shoes usually provide little to no support or comfort. You may get those gel-based type or ones with firm arch support. Comfort guaranteed!

Foot Care Tip #3 - Wash and Dry Your Feet At Night

Erm, just personal hygiene. No need much elaboration right?


Enjoy your shopping guys, and we are available should you require recommendations of footwear or if you want to try on some insoles. Our hotline 65420254 is on 24 hours for you!