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Though many potential injuries can occur during a marathon training, one can take several measures to avoid them or limit their chances of occurrence.


Gradual Increase of Mileage


Frankly, you cannot set standards that are too high at the beginning of your training. One needs to build mileage gradually between the training sessions. The best idea is to increase your distance by 10% every week to avoid stressing your body.



Early Training

An athlete has to commence training months before the race. It is impossible to avoid injuries when you are training in a rush because the competition is days or a month away. Sports professionals insist that proper training should last for at least twenty to twenty-four weeks.


Wear Appropriate Training Gear

Athletes ought to invest in their footwear. It is not wise to assume that training shoes are less important than the ones you put on for the competition. Your training footwear should be as excellent as the shoes you intend to use for the actual race. That way, blisters are easy to avoid or manage. Above all, remember to develop healthy eating habits and hydrate your body to attain the right energy during the training sessions.

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