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Marathon is a long-distance race usually run as a road race. Apart from the thrill, the focus is getting to the finish line and moving to the next level. Nevertheless, athletics is not only about engaging in the game but also being knowledgeable about all the challenges one might face. The following are four common injuries that happen during marathons.



A fracture is a crack caused by breaking of a bone either partially or entirely. Fractures are common during marathons because one may fall at any given point. Keep in mind that an individual is running; thus, losing balance can often occur. Most times, a fracture signifies a severe injury. That means an athlete fell too hard, hence, exposing a part of the body, especially a stress point, to too much pressure.


Shin Splint

A shin splint, also known as medial tibial stress syndrome, is pain that occurs along the tibia. The condition results from too much physical activity. Athletes develop shin splints due to too intense training. The pain may go away after completing training sessions but may arise again during the actual marathon. The reason behind the pain is overworking of muscles, tissues, tendons, and other stress points. However, shin splints are not severe, like fractures as athletes can implement simple self-care methods that solve the problem after a short period.





A sprain refers to the tearing of ankle joint, mostly those of ankles and wrists. Strains develop due to the disturbance of ligaments connected to the affected joints. Ligaments can comfortably stretch to a particular extent. Strenuous activities force the connective tissues to extend beyond their limits, which in turn causes their twisting. Strains may seem not much of a bother, but they can be extremely painful that an athlete has to discontinue from a race.






Blisters are the most harmless injuries that can occur during a marathon. However, that does not mean that they cannot cause discomfort. Most blisters are mild but can turn into deep sores if ignored. Usually, athletes develop blisters under their feet due to friction that occurs between the feet and shoes. Simple home regimens and the use of over-the-counter creams do away with blisters fast.

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