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This series is dedicated to helping people who are always on their feet to reduce pain and injuries.

In the previous article, we looked at top 7 jobs that require workers to be on their feet for prolonged periods, ranging from 9 hours to 14 hours a day. If you don’t take care, so much standing or walking will undoubtedly cause damage and injuries to your feet in the long term.

So how and where do we start taking care of our feet? The first step is understanding our own feet type. First, you take a look at the side of your feet while standing in front of a mirror.

This gives you a rough idea, but it may not be very accurate. To be more precise, you can get a pressure scan done at your local foot care store or foot care clinics. This is how it looks.

Flat Foot / Low Arch Foot Scan

  • – The middle part of your sole feels sore
  • – Pain on the inner side of your ankles
  • – Pain on the inner side of your shins
  • – Knee pain
  • – Pain on your hips
  • – Pain on your lower back
  • – Shoe soles tend to wear out on the outside
  • – Bunions

Medium Arch Foot Scan

  • – Knee pain
  • – Tired legs
  • – Soreness on the heels
  • – Soreness on the balls of the foot

High Arch Foot Scan

  • – Pain on the heel
  • – Pain on the balls of the foot
  • – Pain on the outer side of your ankles
  • – Pain on the outer side of your shins
  • – Knee pain
  • – Tightness on the arch
  • – Pain on your hips
  • – Pain on your lower back

The extent of pain and injury varies for each individual and also depends on the type of footwear and environment you work in. If you do experience them, then you can start exploring ways to address those issues, which we will cover in the coming weeks.

We hope you know your feet a little better now. In the next article, we will discuss what happens to your body when you are always on your feet.

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