Foot Science Red Express Orthotics


Foot Science Red Express Orthotics

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Designed and manufactured in New Zealand, this product is suitable for someone who needs a firm support and not something that gives way easily. It works as simply as it looks. If you feel soreness and tireness on your feet, this firm arch support will help you feel like you are getting a foot massage all day. Made of dense EVA Foam, it keeps it shape despite repeated wearing and is especially recommended for bigger-sized individuals. For the shoes that are already tight fitting, the 3/4 length design will fit nicely without making your feet anymore cramped. The best of all - it is customizable, and you can add additional wedges under the insole to help you get the perfect fit for your feet.

Guaranteed to Relief

High Arch, Bunion

Arch Profile Suited For

Medium Arch, High Arch


Supportive Firm


3 years

Shoe Types Suited For

Ballet flats, Sport shoes, School shoes, Loafers, Boots, Low-heeled ladies shoes, Ballet flats, Men’s dress shoes

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