Foot Science Blue Express Orthotics


Foot Science Blue Express Orthotics

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There a few things today that are made in New Zealand, and Foot Science Blue Express Orthotic is one of them. Designed initially for the New Zealand ski team, this product has a heritage that goes back three decades, produced originally from an old farmhouse in the Rakaia Valley. The uniqueness lies in its ability for the individual to customize the amount of extra support they need on the arch or the outside of the foot using the wedges that are packaged with it. This enables you to find the perfect support you need. It is made out of EVA foam, the same material used typically in soles of sport shoes that guarantee comfort and cushioning. It comes in 3/4 length too so you could feel the same comfort in shoes that are tight fitting.

If you want something supportive yet soft, this pair is what you have to get.


Guaranteed to Relief

Flat Feet, Plantar Fasciitis, Bunion

Arch Profile Suited For

Flat Arch, Low Arch, Child’s Feet


Comfortable Soft


2 years

Shoe Types Suited For

Ballet flats, Sport shoes, School shoes, Loafers, Boots, Low-heeled ladies shoes, Ballet flats, Men’s dress shoes

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